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Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Book: Deity, Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: Covenant series #3
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Release Date: November 6th, 2012

Rating: 5 stars

I really wanted Deity to find its own path, away from Vampire Academy. Well I got my wish in this book! It’s definitely my favourite out of the series so far. We get plenty of action, lots of swoony romantic moments, and wonderful character growth. It was just perfect.

Alex is spending more time with Seth and feeling confused over her feelings for Aiden. Her eighteenth birthday is getting closer, which means she’s that much closer to Awakening and becoming an Apollyon.  However, there are people who don’t want her to Awaken and will do whatever it takes to stop it from happening. However, having a dagger over her head won’t stop Alex from being the snarky, kickass girl we all love. However, even though she was still the same person in the first two books, we also see an emotional, vulnerable side to her which made me love her even more. Caleb’s death in the previous book made her realise that she has to think about her actions and she grew so much.

Aiden totally grew on me in this book too. I disliked him in Pure as he kept hurting Alex by pushing her away and then pulling her close. However, he finally man’s up and decides that his love for Alex is more important than rules. He was so romantic and caring and just utterly amazing. It’s obvious he cares so much for Alex and I absolutely adored their scenes together. I know I said I was on Team Seth but… can I be on two teams?

Speaking of our other favourite Apollyon… he confused me in this book. I really like his character, his giant ego, his funny little quips, the way that he truly cares about Alex even though he acts like he doesn’t… But I wanted to slap him in this book. I believed in Seth, just like Alex, and I kept waiting for him to turn around and show me that my faith was justified. However, Seth has made me both sad and mad by the end of this book. A part of me felt I should’ve realised what was happening but sadly no. I still have faith, though! I know Seth’s going to prove all those haters wrong in Apollyon, I just know it.

We meet a lot of new characters in this book that are all on Alex’s side, and they were great.  Alex thought she was alone, abandoned by everyone. But she realises that that’s not the case. Leon is not who he seems, and I loved the way he just popped up whenever he felt like it. What I would’ve loved is if we had more brotherly scenes between Deacon and Aiden. It’s obvious the two care greatly for each other, but they’re also uncomfortable talking about their feelings to one another. I hope they get closer in Apollyon.

All the twists and shocking turns were great and kept me reading for hours on end. Jen shows just what an awesome author she is and why she’s my favourite with this book. The ending will make you want to tear your hair out in the best way possible. I’m just glad that I don’t have to wait for the sequel! Bring it on!


  1. Oh my god, the ending of Deity killed me! I was in so much pain, waiting for the next book. Haha, I know what you mean about wanting to be on both Seth and Aiden's team ;) I loved reading this review! Can't wait for your thoughts on the last two! :D

    1. Stop, it was horrible! Thank God I can read Apollyon right away :D Thanks a million! xx


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