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Saturday, 12 September 2015

London Calling!

I've been away for the last few days, but it's not because I was avoiding any of you, don't worry! I've been in London since Tuesday, and only got back earlier today! I didn't have any internet over there either (which was agonising), so I haven't been able to reply to any comments, but I never forgot about y'all.

I enjoyed my time over there so much I thought I'd share it with all of you. Four days is not a lot of time to fit into London as it is a giant city, but I think me and my friend managed to fit in loads, considering. And London is SUCH a beautiful city! The buildings, the streets, the culture, the people! I can totally see myself living there in the future. 


The Lion King is already one of my favourite movies, and I'd already seen the New York Broadway show, but the one on the West End is just as spectacular. The songs were mesmerising, the costumes were awe inspiring and the actors were amazing. If you're ever in London in the future, I would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend going to it!

The famous wax museum was great! I got so many pictures of some of my favourite celebrities, and they were amazingly lifelike. Even Kim Kardashian had a "selfie" option which you could buy! Here I am with my bae, first crush, the forever Edward Cullen - Robert Pattinson! Don't I look like I totally belong beside him? If only he'd realise that!

You could go on a tour to all the state rooms in Buckingham Palace, You don't realise just how big the palace is and all the work that goes into maintaining it 24/7. Seems like a really stressful job. I also saw the changing of the guard even though it was completely crowded.  It's so beautiful though, with an amazing history.

By far my favourite part of the trip was seeing the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour. We got to see all the props and costumes that were used in the films, all the technology that made them all seem so magical, and even got a pic to look like I was riding a real broom as a witch! I bought a Hufflepuff cushion too (as that's my House) and I learned so much more about the franchise I adore. I'm going to watch the movies with new eyes, that's for sure.

Just pushing my trolley into Platform 9 and 3/4...

Diagon Alley!

Overall, my visit to London was definitely an adventure I'll never forget. I definitely plan on going back in the future. For now, I'll smile at the wonderful memories I made and impatiently wait for my letter to Hogwarts. 


  1. AHH I'M SO JEALOUS. I recently visited London too, but I didn't have time to make it to the Harry Potter Studio :( I really wanted to! It looks absolutely fun. Grr....
    Loved this post, it's so neat to see what you're been up to in London! :D

    1. It was amazing! London is so pretty isn't it? If you go there again you should definitely go to Harry Potter, it's incredible! There's still so much I didn't get a chance to see in London as it was so big - you'd need like a month!

  2. I've never been to London! I'm so jealous! Though thank you for sharing all the awesome pictures you took! I've only ever been to Singapore and Japan. I kind of love Asia haha :D Though London is next one my list!!

    Carrie @ The Book Goddess


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