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Monday, 12 October 2015

Review: Outspoken by Lora Richardson


Book: Outspoken, Lora Richardson
Series: N/A
Publisher: Create Space
Release Date: August 18th, 2015

Penny Beck is a girl who says yes when she means no. She keeps to herself, follows the rules, and does what she's told. After a disastrous experience with her boyfriend, she's determined to change from the spineless person she's always been into the strong woman she wants to become. All she needs is a little practice. On a cross-country trip to check on her grandpa, she strives to become bolder and more outspoken with the strangers she meets. Penny's plan is to practice saying and doing what she wants without worrying about what anyone else thinks. Then she meets Archer, an introspective loner to whom she finds herself drawn. She realizes she does care what he thinks, very much. Will Penny be able to stick to her plan, or will she revert back to her people-pleasing ways? 

Rating: 4 stars

*I was given this book in exchange for an honest review* 

This book is a very cute contemporary read about one girl’s journey of self-discovery and learning to stand up for herself and stop pleasing everyone else and just please herself. It’s a short, quick, simple read, one you could finish in a day if it’s a lazy Sunday or if you’re avoiding all manner of responsibility like I was.

Penny used to do everything because she was trying to please everyone else. She got a black car as her sister thought it was a cool colour, she was going to study chemistry in college because it’s what her dad wanted, she was going to a specific college because that’s where her boyfriend was going. But eventually, a night of bad judgement finally opened Penny’s eyes and she realised she had to stop. She decides to go across the country her summer after senior year to visit her sick grandfather and practice standing up for herself with complete strangers. And after meeting all the wonderful and strange characters in that small beach town, Penny learns more about herself than she ever thought she’d learn.

As a person who used to always agree with everything other people told me and constantly apologise when it wasn’t my fault, I totally related to this book on at least one level. Penny had no self-esteem at the start of this book and the lessons she learns because of what happens in this book is something anyone with self-esteem issues can take on board. It is quite a simple and short read, barely 250 pages, but that doesn’t make it any less significant with important lessons to be learned. A great debut book for this author and I look forward to any future books she may bring out!


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