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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The TayTay Tag

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I was tagged by Tina over at Tina, the Bookworm to do this tag (in the comments, actually, lol!) as I love Taylor Swift and can't resist the idea of this tag. It's sort of like the Disney book tag I've seen over on Youtube! Anyway, thanks again Tina!

We Are Never Ever, Getting Back Together.
Pick a book or series you were pretty sure you were in love with, but then wanted to break up with.
Abandon by Meg Cabot
I really liked Meg's Princess Diaries series, and I enjoyed Abandon, I did. But somewhere along the line, I started to get really irritated with this series, its plot and especially it's characters. 

Pick a book with a red cover.
This Shattered World
Enough said.

The Best Day 
Pick a book that makes you feel nostalgic.
Anything by Jacqueline Wilson makes me nostalgic for my childhood. She was the first author that made me fall in love with reading, and I always wanted to live in the worlds she created, and be best friends with her characters.

I Knew You Were Trouble 
Pick a bad character you couldn't help but love 
City of Lost Souls
Sebastian Morgenstern was a complete ass who didn't understand the meaning of love. But damn it if I didn't love reading about him and wishing he'd get his happy ending!

Pick a book someone ruined the ending for.
Maybe not being spoilt would've made this book more enjoyable? I didn't like this series all that much anyway, and knowing what the ending was didn't help my love for it.

Everything Has Changed 
Pick a character from a book who goes through extensive character development. 
Sydney went through so much development in this series! I loved her more and more with each book, and really have to applaud Richelle Mead for how much she made her grow. 

You Belong With Me 
Pick your most anticipated book release. 
I'm literally counting down the days (only 20 more!) before the finale in this epic trilogy is released. I was the exact same with Stone Cold Touch.

Forever And Always 
Pick your favorite book couple. 

When "favourite book couple" comes to mind, I can't pick between Daemon and Katy and Adrian and Sydney. They're both so strong in their own ways and their love for each other is what saves them in the end. Sydney and Katy both go through some horrific trials, and it's the boys they adore that keep them sane. 

Shake It Off 
Pick a book that you love so much, you just shake off the haters. 
The Selection
I feel many people don't like this book as it's quite flimsy and the main character isn't always likable. However, I love this book despite that and will continue to convince anyone who believes otherwise. #Hatersgonnahate

Blank Space
Pick the most over-hyped book or series that didn't work for you at all.
Even though I did finish this series, I didn't enjoy despite the rave reviews it got. 
Pick the most under-hyped book or series that you think deserves the spotlight. 
a kiss in the dark
Cat Clarke isn't receiving the love she deserves. Her stand-alone books are able to cripple you emotionally and leave you wanting more, yet no one ever really talks about her books the way JLA's books are talked about. I really hope her books become more popular in the future.

The Story Of Us 
Pick a couple you think should end up together. 
In this love triangle, my team didn't win. While I won't spoil it for any readers that haven't picked up this series yet, let's just say the ending left me feeling pretty... unsatisfied.

Love Story 
Pick a forbidden love in a book or series. 
Vampire Academy
Nothing more forbidden than a student and a teacher falling in love!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome tag! Can't wait to do it :)

    1. Right?? I just saw Taylor in concert so it's like faith!! Can't wait to see yours :)

  2. Thanks for tagging me! I agree with so many of your answers! I can't wait for Every Last Breath! It's going to be complete awesome sauce!

    1. That book is going to be amaze-balls lol I'm Team Roth what about you?? Can't wait to see yours!

  3. I'm like so behind I've never read any of Jennifer L. Armentrout books. Which would you recommend I start with?

    Thanks for doing the tag!

  4. OMG no JLA?? That's like a sin! ;) I would totally recommend Obsidian, the first in the Lux series. It was the first book that made me fall in love with JLA as an author :)

    No probs it was loads of fun!

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