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Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Book: Crown of Midnight, Sarah J. Mass
Series: Throne of Glass #2
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Release Date: August 27th, 2013

Rating: 5 stars

Oh, my poor heart. Sarah really gave it her all during this book and didn’t once slow down the punches when it came to the feels. It was everything you want in a sequel and then some.

All the reviews of this book seem to say that this book was better than Throne of Glass, and I agree. I think since all the introductions are out of the way – both in characters and in the world building – Sarah just jumps right into the story of our favourite assassin.

Our heroine, Celaena, has won the competition and become the king’s champion. Now all she has to do is serve out her sentence and freedom is hers. Easy, right?  *enter Mrs Krabappel’s condescending laugh here*

After facing so much crap in the first book, Celaena is dealt an even worse hand of cards in Crown of Midnight, as well as utter heartbreak and disaster. While in the first book, Celaena seemed to be really cocky and arrogant, she seems to have lowered her expectations of herself in this book. She’s realising that, while she is still a fierce warrior, she’s not perfect and does have faults. She’s opening up her vulnerable side and letting herself get closer to the two boys in her life, a first since the first boy she ever loved, Sam, passed away. And it was lovely to read this side of Celaena! She’s hell on earth to anyone who stands in her way, but to those she cares about, she gives her all to.

Let’s take her and Chaol for starters. They had a very tentative relationship in Throne of Glass – just barely straddling the line between captain and a soldier. But in this book, that line is crossed and thrown far, far away. Their friendship is explored immensely, and the feelings they have for each other is left wide open. But oh my God, I couldn’t get enough! These two actually made me cry. Chaol officially added me to his team after this book.  Even though a lot of obstacles and tests were thrown their way, I still adored their relationship and bond that’s been forged and I can’t wait to see that explored even more in the coming books.

And on the other side of the triangle, we have Dorian. He let his feelings for Celaena be known at the end of Throne of Glass but was rejected because realistically? It wasn’t realistic. However, that means their friendship has suffered quite a bit in this book. Their encounters are awkward and I miss the easy banter the two had in Throne of Glass. However, Dorian is learning more about himself and new skills he possesses; skills that would get him killed if they were to be revealed to the wrong person. He has a lot to learn about himself and I can’t wait to see how it makes him grow in the coming books.

Many new secrets are revealed: we learn more about the control the King has over the continent and even more about Celaena’s past. I totally knew there was more to Celaena than she was letting on, but I was still blown away when it’s finally revealed. The world itself is as magnificent as ever, and the fight scenes just blew me away. I was on the edge of my seat for much of the book and itching to read all the time.

With four more books left in the series, I honestly cannot wait to find out where Sarah takes us in this wonderful world full of even more amazing characters.

I would totally recommend picking up this series. Who knows? It may become your next favourite, like it has for me!


  1. Awesome! You finally finished book 1 & 2! :D I'll get my hands on this so, so soon. I swear! Because this series is like a book life goal to me. :)

    Can't wait to see more from your reviews, that's why I followed you immediately! x

    - Fiona of A Girl Between the Pages <3 :)

  2. Girl, you totally have to, this book series is unbelievably good at pulling at your heart strings.

    I'm so glad you like my reviews, that makes me super happy! I saw your blog too and OMG it's gorgeous! I'm actually kinda jealous of the prettiness of it, haha! Will definitely be checking out your reviews too :) xxx

  3. I've nominated you for an awesome blog award. Check it out here

    1. Thank you so much, Carrie! I can't wait to do it :)


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