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Monday, 14 November 2016

Release Day Launch & ARC Review: Unbreakable by Kallie Ross

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She thought her story was over.

Little did she realize, it had just begun. 

From Young Adult author Kallie Ross, comes the first full-length novel in The Cupid Chronicles


Filled with action, romance, and an adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seat…What will the fate of the world be as it balances on the tip of one girl’s arrow? Get ready to fly and fall in love with UNBREAKABLE! 

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Book: Unbreakable, Kallie Ross

Series: The Cupid Chronicles #1

Publisher: ebook

Release Date: November 14th, 2016

Dying for the love of your life...

Evelyn Bowden thought her story was over. Little did she realize, it had just begun.  
The heavens made her a Cupid-- a supernatural with the rarest ability. One that allows her to pierce both mortals and immortals with arrows possessing everlasting love. But Evelyn soon discovers Cupids fight a battle in a long fought war.

A duty to protect the purest form of love…

As Evelyn embarks on her first mission, helping a Gargoyle find his true love, she is exposed to the blurred battle lines between light and darkness. While an unknown threat proves it’s willing to do anything to get their hands on Evelyn and her arrows, the heavens send AndelLambros to help protect her. She finds herself at risk of being distracted by her former mentor, Andel, a stunning Cupid with dimples hard to ignore. 

Missing her mark could lead to a supernatural war…

Having no idea how powerful she is, Evelyn is forced to put everything on the line as she balances the fate of the world on the tip of her arrow. But will love conquer all once she hits her mark, or will all be lost in the end?

I’ve read books by a variety of fantasy creatures – vampires, werewolves, faeries, worlds with kings and queens that can do magic, trolls, aliens, witches and wizards, angels and demons, Gods and mortals. And I can now add cupids onto that list!

Unbreakable is the first book in Kallie Ross’ new series. It’s about Cupids! I was really looking forward to reading this, something new and very interesting than the usual Fae or vampire books. Our main character is Evelyn, a brand-spanking new Cupid. You can only become a Cupid by dying in the place of someone you love, where you are given the chance of immortality and become a supernatural with the rarest ability – one that allows her to pierce both mortals and immortals with arrows possessing everlasting love.

Evelyn was a very relatable character. She was only in college when she died in place of her boyfriend, and she still feels like she has so much of life left to live. One of the more unique attributes of being a Cupid means you’re not allowed to swear, and so whenever Evelyn tried swearing she’d end up shouting a dessert instead, and I thought it was a very exceptional (and hilarious) way to avoid foul language in this book. It also tied into Evelyn’s love of sweet foods and how whenever she got stressed, or angry, or upset, she would immediately bake cookies and eat the whole lot at once, or open up a carton of ice cream and not move until it was completely eaten. Considering how much of a sweet tooth I am, I completely understood where Evelyn was coming from and made the book much more relatable.

Of course, she does that clichéd YA main character of being special and unlike any Cupid before her – she can shoot arrows at immortals, not just mere mortals! A major storyline is Evelyn trying to discover why this is, and then helping a Gargoyle, an immortal creature, match with his true love. I didn’t mind it too much, however – it was still well-written.

I really enjoyed the characters of Evelyn and Andel. I thought together they had a really cute bond. They started off as mentor and student, where Andel trained Evelyn in the ways of being a Cupid. The author made the transition of mentor/student to friends really smoothly and then they transitioned from friends to romantically involved. The author handled it incredibly well. I was able to believe when they were mentor and student (and had some very funny interactions as well) and I never felt disconcerted when their relationship stopped being professional and they got very close. It was very believable that they were slowly but surely falling for each other, and I really enjoyed it. Especially as Andel was a totally sourpuss at the beginning, but Evelyn slowly brought out the smile that was buried so deep within him.

However, I don’t believe the author needed to use a third person narrative when writing this; I think I would’ve felt even closer to the characters if it had been in first person. If the author had even done every other chapter in someone else’s POV; we’d get a closer and better feel of each one. Despite this, however, I still really liked all the characters as well as the story. The rules of being a Cupid, and how and when you are supposed to shoot an arrow at a couple were really inventive.

 Instead of being given two random people and forcing them to fall in love by shooting an arrow at them, they actually had to be involved in the couple’s lives and help them get together, and only when they were truly falling for each other could a Cupid shoot an arrow at them – when the Cupid heard their love through music and felt an urge that they could not ignore. Otherwise it wouldn’t work. I thought that was really well done and I loved seeing Evelyn become involved in her clients’ lives and be their friend to help set them up with their true love.

That’s the main storyline here – introducing us to the world of Cupids, seeing Evelyn and Andel’s relationship blossom, and seeing both Evelyn and Andel attempt to make two different couples fall in love.

Overall, if you enjoy supernatural stories and are curious about Cupids, then I would recommend you give this book a go. It’s a great first book in a series by Kallie Ross.
*I'd like to thank Kallie Ross and her publishers, Inkslinger PR, for giving me an ARC of this book and allowing me to be involved in this Release Day Launch!*

Grab your copy today!
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“Don’t make this all about you.” Evelyn shoved another spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. “Don’ ge meh wrong, ihithabouoo. Buh—” Swallowing down her bite, Evelyn squinted her eyes shut and placed a hand on her temple. “Brain freeze,” she explained, standing and walking to the kitchen.

Andel’s head tilted to one side as he watched her throw the empty cardboard container away. Roscoe would be showing up for his dating lesson soon, and Evelyn needed to compartmentalize so she didn’t end up taking her frustration out on the Gargoyles.

“I’m sorry, Evelyn. Whatever I’ve done to upset you, please forgive me.”

Her spoon clanged in the sink, “How about I’ll forgive you if you tell me what you did wrong?” Evelyn made her way back to the couch, laying herself across the cushions like she needed therapy.

“I’m fairly sure you are upset I scheduled dinner with Jane and Kendrick during Roscoe’s first date.”

Keeping her composure, Evelyn looked Andel square in the eye and told him, “You’re danish right, I’m upset.”

Her pastry slip was proof enough of her anger, but she’d remained in control of her volume. Andel hadn’t asked Evelyn what she wanted to do during Roscoe and Sydney’s date. And after her surprise visit from Kalan, her nerves were fried. Evelyn wanted to be able to make the call for herself as far as where she’d be tomorrow night. She also wanted to decide for herself if she’d give the fairies her arrows. Maybe she’d keep her run-in with Kalan to herself for now.

“I’ll call Jane now and cancel the dinner.”

“You have her number?” Evelyn sat up and narrowed her eyes. She shook her head, clearing it. Why should Andel having Jane’s number matter? “No. Don’t cancel it. It was hard enough to convince her to come in the first place.”

“Are you sure?”

Knock, knock.

“Yes,” Evelyn grumbled as she went to answer the door. Roscoe’s arrival would at least keep Andel from asking any more questions. She could tell he had picked up that something else was bothering her, but luckily, she had planned Roscoe’s dating lessons for after work.

As Roscoe and Leo entered the apartment, Andel made himself scarce and took a seat in a chair at the edge of the room. Roscoe wore snappy attire, including a bowtie, while Leo had pushed the sleeves of his Henley up to his elbows. The two were complete opposites. Leo had made himself comfortable on the couch, and Roscoe stood at the window waiting for instructions.

“I’m glad you came, Leo. I may need your help tomorrow night.” Evelyn stood next to Roscoe. “You’ll be on awkward-moment patrol.” She patted Roscoe’s shoulder. “Now that I think about it, this will be perfect. You can circle overhead and stay out of sight, but if Roscoe needs help, you can run interference.” Leo’s eyes widened in excitement. “Not literally, but, you have super-hearing, right?”

Leo nodded.

“If you hear or see anything going wrong, you can come get me.”

A grin spread over Leo’s face. “Considering who we’re talking about here,” Leo waved in Roscoe’s direction. “What constitutes wrong?”

“We’ll work on identifying that as we go, so pay attention.” Evelyn faced Roscoe and reached up, tucking a piece of his curly hair behind his ear, but Roscoe flinched.

“Relax.” Evelyn stepped closer. “You’re going to have to get used to being close to Sydney. If she’s like every other girl on the planet, she’ll want you to hold her hand and put your arm around her.”

Evelyn let her arm brush against Roscoe’s. He sucked in air but didn’t budge. He froze. Evelyn couldn’t let Roscoe fail. She had started to like him. She wanted him to find love. She wanted Sydney to find love, too, and if it happened to be with Roscoe, then, bonus. She’d do everything in her power to help them have the chance they deserved.

Roscoe relaxed his fists at his sides. “Okay, I’ll work on that.”

“Good.” Evelyn ran her finger slowly down Roscoe’s arm. “How about we start with the end of the date, then?”
Leo whistled, and in the corner of Evelyn’s vision, she noticed Andel shift in his chair. She wasn’t really going to do anything, but if Roscoe had really loosened up, he wouldn’t curl up into the fetal position when they addressed a good night kiss.

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Meet Evelyn in EVELYN, a Cupid Chronicles Novella now FREE

Evelyn Bowden, at nineteen, sacrificed herself for the love of her life. Her act inspired the heavens to deem her immortal as a Cupid. Piercing two hearts with true love takes more than a bow and some arrows. That’s where AndelLambros comes in, he’s a handsome, experienced Cupid in charge of her training. While trying to prove herself worthy, Evelyn is challenged to deliver her first arrow, let go of her first love, and trust her mentor with her existence.

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Writing unique adventures with heart.
Kallie Ross has a passion for writing that has become an adventure in itself. She desires to create unique young adult fiction that incorporates legend, conjecture, fantasy, and conviction.
In addition to loving her life as a writer, Kallie adores being a wife, mother, friend, and teacher. She began her creative journey with books, a blog, podcast, and lots of caffeine. Ross never imagined her own adventure would be filled with so many wonderful people or words!


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