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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

ARC Review: The Edge of Juniper by Lora Richardson


Book: The Edge of Juniper by Lora Richardson
Series: Stand alone
Publisher: Kindle Edition
Release Date: June 12th, 2016

Fay Whitaker, sixteen years old and yearning for adventure, is excited to spend the summer with her fearless cousin Celia in small-town Juniper, Indiana.

But Fay soon discovers that her summer home is not what she expected. She is alarmed by her uncle’s temper, and learns of the grudge he holds against the Dearing family. Celia handles the tension at home by escaping with her boyfriend, leaving Fay with time on her hands—time that leads her straight to Malcolm Dearing, off-limits because of his last name. Fay is captivated by Malcolm’s warmth and intensity. She finds that trying to stay away from him only makes her think of him more.

Fay and Celia are launched on a journey, and each must attempt to navigate the thrilling and unpredictable world of love. Everything Fay thinks she knows about love is put to the test, as relationships unfold and reveal themselves in ways she never before dreamed.

This contemporary novel is great. Just great. It handles very serious themes that happen in real life and handle them in a mature and very realistic way. The author talks about divorce, domestic violence, long distance relationships, believing in love, falling out of love, alcoholism, trusting yourself. All these themes are so important and what happens in everyday life, too. I thought the author handled them wonderfully.

So what’s the story? Fay is a city girl sent to live with her cousins in the country during the summer while her parents go to help build houses, as well as attempt to figure out something in their marriage. While Fay had always visited her cousins for a week every year, she was always there as a guest. Being there as a member of the family, she’s experiencing new rules that are different to the ones she’s used to, and seeing her aunt and uncle treat each other and their children in a very different way than what she thought was considered “normal.” She starts questioning everything her cousin Celia took for granted – that maybe not all families treat each other the way her parents treat her. Maybe it’s not normal for her father to drink so much beer that her mother has to hide it, that her mother sends them out of the house whenever her father gets angry.

Throughout the eight weeks that Fay stays with her cousins, she slowly starts learning about herself and what she always believed love and family to be. Her view on them is changed, but only for the better. I loved how she grew by the end of the book. While she stops believing in love and “happily ever after” for a while, she soon adjusts her view to finally understand that there are all types of love. They’re all different, but all just as powerful despite their differences.

Then, of course, there’s her relationship with a certain boy called Malcolm. Fay is forbidden to speak to him as his father is her uncle’s boss, but the chemistry and attraction is palpable between them and they slowly fall for each other and it was adorable to read. Malcolm’s loyalty to Fay and to do what she wanted was wonderful and when she stopped believing in love he refused to leave her side, and helped her reaffirm her belief. I just loved it.

Overall, this is a book not to be missed. It’s not too difficult to read, and isn’t too long either. It’s a great new book for Lora Richardson!


  1. I really enjoyed this book as well! Here is my review:

    Did you read her first book, Outspoken? I liked that one just as much.

    1. Oh I loved Outspoken too, but I totally preferred this book! I can't wait until Lora brings out more books that I may be lucky enough to sample :)


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