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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Re-Reading has come to Goodreads!

Guess what! Rereading has come to Goodreads! That's right - books that you have read previously will now be added to your Reading Challenge! Is this not the best news ever? 

Last year, I wanted to read 100 books, but I found it quite difficult as I wasn't as enthusiastic about reading because none of the books I'd read had really grabbed me. So I ended up re-reading three different series that I loved, but of course none of them counted toward my challenge, which really frustrated me. So you can see just how ecstatic I am that any book I read, no matter whether it's the first time or the millionth time I've read it, it will still count toward my challenge and I won't have to panic and get stressed whenever it tells me I'm "one book behind schedule".

How about you? Are you delighted that Goodreads has finally added rereads? Let me know in the comments below!

*Check out blog post on Goodreads for more information!*


  1. I'm so excited about this new reread option! I instantly went through and updated all the books I've reread over the past few years!

    1. Right?? So happy, especially as I plan on re-reading some more series this year! This has already made 2017 so much better than 2016 :P

  2. One word: FINALLY!
    I always find it so annoying to have to go back through Goodreads to mark as read for this year! Good job Goodreads!

    1. They deserve all the love and recognition for this, haha :)

  3. THANK GOD! I was beginning to get frustrated with Goodreads because of it. My faith in it has been restored (not that it was completely lost, but you know what I mean haha)


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