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Monday, 11 May 2015


Book: Uninvited, Sophie Jordan
Series: Uninvited, book #1
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: September 28th, 2013

Rating: 4 stars

Davy (short for Davina) is your typical high school girl; a hot boyfriend whom she loves, a loving family, a musical prodigy and a perfect future awaiting her in Juilliard. That all changes when Davy learns she has HTS (Homicidal Tendency Syndrome), a gene that determines that one day Davy will become a killer. She’s uninvited from her prestigious school, ditched and betrayed by her friends and boyfriend, and her parents (except her brother) are afraid to be around her. She’s thrust into a public school where other carriers reside and are kept in a “cage” where homework assignments are handed in from the outside, as everyone’s afraid of being near a potential killer. This is where Davy meets Sean O’Rourke, a fellow carrier who actually looks the part – tall, tattooed, with dead, emotionless eyes that everyone, including her fellow classmates are afraid to cross.

I'd seen some reviews on that made the book seem only “meh”, so I was a little hesitant to begin reading it, but I now question why there are so many “meh” reviews of this book! I found the plot really interesting and really felt for the characters.

I really liked the protagonist, Davy. I felt I could empathise with her when her entire world is taken away from her. I felt I was Davy in some way, as in I know I would respond the same way as she if I were in her position. She’s a good person, and tries her best to show everyone that, even when the government brands her as a killer.  While she starts out a little naive, she quickly holds her own and by the end won’t let anyone mess with her, determined to hold her own.  She starts out as a naive little “princess”, but quickly realises she can’t be weak and scared all the time if she wants to survive as a carrier and I love how brave she became.  She encounters both foes and allies alike, including Sean O’Rourke.

I really enjoyed Sean. He comes off as scary and intimidating, but he’ll show his gentler side to those he cares about and doesn’t think twice about beating someone up to protect them when he can. It’s in those moments when he’d start fights that you’d know he was a HTS carrier, yet he still carried principles and good intentions as well.  You can tell he cares so much for Davy and I can’t wait to see their relationship develop in the next book. My only problem is that he’s a little too mysterious. We don’t know much about him, except that he’s in a foster home. I hope we get more character development from him in the second book.

This goes the same from some of the other characters. We meet a bunch of characters that Davy becomes friends with, but we don’t know anything about them.

There is a lot of realism in this book, with the kill gene raising a lot of questions. What if you could detect why killers do what they do? Would you lock them up? Stop them from doing crimes that they’ll inevitably commit?  I would recommend this to all genres.

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