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Saturday, 9 May 2015


Book: Opposition, Jennifer L. Armentrout

Series: Lux series #5
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Release Date: August 5th, 2014

Rating: 5 stars

This book is perfection. It has the wonderful mix of action, romance, humour and emotional feels that make the reader engrossed with the story and the characters. It’s the perfect end to a perfect series.

When Origin ended, Daemon, Kat and co. had just unveiled their true selves to the human populace, and Luxen from all over the universe had started invading Earth, invoking a war to end all wars. And as soon as bright lights covered the sky, Daemon, Dawson and Dee was gone, leaving Katy with Luc, Archer and Beth, in the dark uncertainty of what was to come.

When Opposition starts, Daemon still hadn’t returned, and Katy was going crazy wondering where he was, whether he would come back, and if he’d even be the same. But when they are finally together again, it’s a true test of their relationship as to whether they can overcome the forces of the arriving Luxen and stand together on the other side – or will Daemon be standing along with his race?

Opposition is really a war story. While the sides of right and wrong seemed so black and white in the previous books, suddenly everything is blurred. They’re as grey as Katy’s eyes, and Daemon and Kat soon find themselves having to align themselves with who they thought was the enemy to defeat who they thought was their ally. We see the great lengths they both have to go through to save the people they love most.

Daemon is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his brother, sister, and Kat, and it’s his unflinching loyalty to his family, and the lengths he’ll go to protect them that makes me love him so much.

And we all knew how much Katy changed through the course of this series, and she kicked some sweet ass in this book. Daemon no longer tried to force her to stay inside, or keep her away from the fight. They fight side by side, as equals, and it was wonderful to see how perfectly in sync they are with each other. When they weren’t fighting together, Jennifer gave us some sweet, passionate moments between the two, (as well as their unique banter) which showed us just how much they loved each other. 

The entire world changed during this book. The characters all face some of their worst fears and they have to work with people they hated to save the world they love.  Basically, it was a finale that was worth waiting for. Old faces return (Hunter and Serena!), Katy faces a horrible loss, but everyone comes out stronger in the end and are all the more grateful for everything they have in their lives. Jennifer delivers, and while I love how the book ended, it was also bittersweet as there are no more new stories with our favourite aliens. We’ll just have to settle for re-reading the novels a million times (which I will do).

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