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Monday, 11 May 2015


Book: Hover, Melissa West
Series: The Taking #2
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Release Date: August 13th, 2013

Rating: 3 stars

Hover continues the story of one girl’s extraordinary duty to try and bring aliens and humans and allow them to live in peace with each other without the threat of war over their shoulder all the time.

After the events of Gravity, Ari Alexander is now stuck on Loge, the land of the Ancients with no way to return home to Earth or speak to her friends or family. And suddenly everyone Loge is turning to her to help their planet, which is slowly dying under a cruel and relentless ruler. With the help some new characters, as well as Jackson, Ari must overcome any and all self-doubt to save the people who can’t protect themselves.

After realising that Jackson lied to her about his true upbringing, Ari also feels that she can’t trust him and continually pushes him away, despite his reassurances that he still cares for her and was just trying to do what was best. The character development between these two was done extremely well in my opinion. Instead of the boy-meets-girl-and-have-an-instant-connection like in Gravity, Ari has to learn to trust Jackson again and attempt to break down the walls he built himself to get to the boy inside. It was wonderful to read and I loved how their relationship helped the characters grow. Jackson had a really harsh childhood with Zeus as his grandfather, and which affected him mentally and emotionally. He feels he has to hide behind the walls he built to appear strong to those around him when really, all he really wanted was his grandfather’s approval.

“I used to think Jackson hid his true thoughts to be mysterious, but now I think he does it because he's seen and experienced things worse than most people and he's afraid to let on just how jacked up he might be inside.”

This book really emphasises how Ari has changed since the circumstances in the first book. While in Gravity Ari only thought how she had to advance in her class and eventually become commander like her father, Ari in Hover knows that that dream is no longer applicable. She has had to shed any trace of childlike innocence away, hold a gun, and fire. No matter who or what stands in her way, Ari knows she will do anything to protect the people who need her. I’m really beginning to like her as a protagonist.

While it can’t compare to the Lux series, I am enjoying this series and look forward to the final book and see how Ari and Jackson overcome the evils they’re facing so that everyone can live in peace and without fear.

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