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Saturday, 9 May 2015


Book: Embrace, by Jessica Shirvington

Series: Violet Eden Chapters #1
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Release Date: October 10th, 2010

Rating: 2 stars

I have a love/hate relationship with this book. Sometimes I love the characters in this book and then I yell at their stupid choices. I remember reading the blurb and being really enticed by it. Weird tattoos, dream injuries, fight against good and evil? All very intriguing. And I did enjoy reading it – for a few chapters. Once the main character, Violet discovers the big secret – she’s half angel – I quickly became only half-interested in the book. I still wanted to find out how it ended, but not in an I-will-die-if-I-don’t-find-out kind of way.

The story is very cliché in a lot of ways: a girl who seems very ordinary and just wants an ordinary life discovers – gasp! – She’s the very opposite of ordinary. She’s a half angel! And not only that, but she’s not even a normal angel. Everyone is saying how she’s much stronger than angels – or grigori – are normally in a lot of ways.
Then there’s the love triangle. I am so sick of love triangles! They’re always so similar: girl and good guy are in love, but they’re not allowed to be together. In swoops the dangerous-but-hot-bad-guy – who girl begins to trust and love, but not as much as the first guy.

I didn’t really like the guy characters in this book either. Normally there’s always one character I fall in love with and cheer when they win, cry when they don’t et cetera et cetera. Not in this book. Lincoln plays the good guy – but at first is the bad guy because he never told Violet the truth about herself. She is immediately very angry at him and I got to give kudos to some of her throwbacks – really witty and clever. But then she starts hanging around with Phoenix – the bad guy. It’s obvious from the beginning he has got A LOT of secrets about his past – yet Violet trusts him completely. Alarm bells, Violet! Why aren’t you questioning why Phoenix is so mysterious and way too manipulative? And why are you so mad at Lincoln, when he obviously loves you so much and hates that you keep shutting him out?

It was those questions that kept me reading the book. Because despite how I feel about love triangles, I can’t deny that this one was really well-written. If I had to choose a favourite I'd choose Lincoln because even though he was missing for a lot of the book so we don’t really get a taste of his character, I still understood why he couldn’t tell Violet the truth. He was way better than Phoenix, who was just plain creepy.

While this book isn’t as un-put-down-able as, say, the Bloodlines series (which I love!), the plot line and story is still really intriguing. I want to learn more about angels, exiles and why Violet is so different than normal. I would recommend this book to any YA fan out there who also likes the paranormal, romance, and love triangles.

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