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Monday, 11 May 2015


Book: Collide, Melissa West
Series: The Taking #3
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Release Date February 9th, 2015

Rating: 4 stars

Collide is the epic finale of a trilogy that had aliens and humans trying to live side by side. It had plenty of action, great character development and relationships and tied things up nicely for our main characters.

Ari, our main character, finds herself in the midst of an upcoming war that wants to prove which species is superior – humans or aliens. As a half-and-half, Ari can’t understand why they all can’t live in peace as one magnificent species, and sets out to try and achieve this with the help of Jackson, her father and many new characters. The entire book was filled with exciting battles with an overflowing plot that didn’t feel rushed or too drawn out.

Like most YA heroines, Ari ticks all the boxes for stereotypical behaviour from characters that are going through a life changing experience like an inter-species war: she’s selfless and can only think about saving everyone else. This is also because, like in many battles, we always lose the people we love the most and the ones who didn’t deserve to die. When Ari lost one too many people close to her, she got reckless because she couldn’t stand the thought of losing anyone else. This is common behaviour for our YA heroines as they always lose someone they love too. I'm not saying these traits are bad, necessarily… just unoriginal. I could guess what was going to happen and how Ari was going to react to it. Despite being a trained soldier, she’s not able to deal with all the betrayal and change in her life, and it changes her; makes her a hardened person, finding it hard to trust anyone and constantly wondering if she’s going to be betrayed again.

Jackson, Ari’s boyfriend, was great in this book. After betraying Ari by lying about who he was in the first two books, he’s finally telling her how he feels and it’s brought them much closer together. Ari feels incapable of functioning without him by her side as he’s the only one who’s able to bring her back when she’s about to freak out. As the rightful ruler of the Ancients, all Jackson wants is to unite his people together so no one else has to die. He’s a proud, brave and strong person, and I just really enjoyed his character.

All in all, this was an enjoyable series with a lot of action, likable characters and a fast-moving plot. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in alien books.

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