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Saturday, 9 May 2015


Book: City of Heavenly Fire, Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments #6
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release Date: May 27th, 2014

 Rating: 4 stars

I’ve enjoyed the Mortal Instruments series. I fell for the characters, felt as proud as a mama bear when they grew and made good decisions and wanted them to get their happy endings. However, unlike other series (such as Harry Potter, the Lux series, VA/Bloodlines, The Infernal Devices, Lunar Chronicles to name a few), where I loved every single book in the series, this was not the case for the Mortal Instruments. I only really loved two books in this six book series, and that was City of Glass and City of Lost Souls. I just think Clare dragged this series out way too long, especially considering it was supposed to be a trilogy.

Anyway, let’s start. While I wish I could say I would miss the characters, but sadly, I won’t.  What I loved most from this book was Tessa and Jem’s bigger (but still supporting) role, which I totally fangirled at, as well as the introduction to Emma Carstairs and the Blackthorn children. They were a nice change from our main characters and their usual repetitiveness. I look forward to their story in Clare’s new series (even though she obviously can’t let this world go!)

Clary and Jace were their usual soppy selves, even though I felt they were more devoted to their love lives and giving speeches about how the other completes them etc., rather than defeating the evil villain threatening to destroy the world. I’m sorry to say that Clary will never be up to the standards of Tessa in terms of great heroines. I even preferred Emma to Clary in this book. Besides devoting long paragraphs to how much she loved Jace and how attractive he was, all Clary did was, make out him, make runes and make some foolish, reckless decisions that almost get her and her friends killed. While she appeared to be a bit more mature compared to the first few books, she was still ultimately very careless with her life and liked to risk it a lot. Jace was the same self-punishing, death-loving warrior we both love and want to slap at the same time. He always wanted to do things alone and always seemed okay at the prospect of dying, despite how many people he has in his life who loves him and he loves in return. I didn’t get how, after six books; Jace still appeared to be willing to give up his life so willingly. I know he gets better in the end but it doesn’t excuse just how unconcerned he is with his life.

Isabelle and Simon, as well as Alec and Magnus, are my favourite couples in this series. While Alec and Magnus were obviously going to be together by the book’s end as they were constantly thinking of each other, their scenes were still the epitome of cuteness and I couldn’t get enough. They’re perfect for each other. Alec has grown so much after the events of these books, and I love how great his character became. He became a warrior, a badass one with that bow and arrow, and wasn’t afraid to do what he had to save the people he loves.
Isabelle and Simon are beyond cute. Isabelle is an especially closed off person, and only trusts a few people, so she’s afraid of Simon breaking her heart if she lets him get too close. And yet, she finds herself unable to be without him and starts to lean on him without even realising it. Simon is the only one who can break through her defences, and it was great to read. These were the only romances I could truly stand and not want to gag (looking at you, Clary and Jace!)

Sebastian was a very unique villain. While Valentine had a clear plan he wanted to execute, Sebastian seemed to keep changing his mind. The only thing that appeared constant was his need for Clary to be at his side. I found this very interesting: Sebastian believed he loved Clary, because they were related. He believed she was his, and he could do whatever he wanted and no one else was allowed to be in contact with her. This was obviously the demon blood contorting his view of what love really meant, but I thought it was an interesting concept for Clare to develop. A part of me cries for that brother Clary never got to meet.

All in all, this was a satisfactory ending to this series. I was expecting a few more deaths than what happened, like in Harry Potter, but everyone got what they wanted and needed and lived happily ever after. My absolute favourite part of the whole book though was when Tessa finally made an introduction, something I’d been waiting six books for! I missed her so much, and loved how Clare made her both wise and young at the same time. I really hope she appears in the new series. While not the best book in the series, it give everyone what they needed and brings closure to this series, something City of Glass didn’t. Read it if you’ve enjoyed Clare’s world so far and would like to see our characters get their happy ending.

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