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Saturday, 9 May 2015


Book: City of Fallen Angels, Cassandra Clare
Series: The Mortal Instruments #4
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release Date: April 5th, 2011

Rating: 4 stars

I have really enjoyed this series so far. The plot is interesting, the action scenes are great, and (most of) the characters become quite developed and likeable.

HOWEVER! Because there is always a however. This was supposed to be a trilogy. Three books! Not four. City of Glass ended really nicely. The main villain was dead, the on-and-off relationship of Clary and Jace was officially on, and Clary’s mother woke up. Sebastian’s body was missing, but he was presumed dead, so that was dealt with too, right? So why did Clare write this book? That’s what I will be discussing here.

For the most part, this book was great. Almost as good as the previous three books. The action scenes are great, Clary’s character is finally developing emotionally, and we have little snippets from the characters in Clockwork Angel by Magnus, which are always welcome and appreciated (but how about a little more in the following books, okay Clare?)

But there are some issues with this book, I'm afraid. Let’s start with Clary and Jace. After the back and forth will-they-or-won’t-they in the previous books, it was nice to finally have them interact as a couple in this book. And when they did, it was great. They had chemistry and were super cute. But then, Jace, whom was always a character I loved, started backing away from Clary. He’s a little damaged from such an unorthodox upbringing by Valentine, and is afraid that his evil-ness was passed down to Jace and that Jace will inevitably become evil like his adopted father. This made me want to slap him over the head. Instead of talking about this with Clary, like the matured character he should’ve become, he backs away. He stops talking to her and avoids her at all costs. Clary, however, who used to be a girl who acted first and thought later, and threw temper tantrums a lot, grew up emotionally in this book, which I really enjoyed. She thought about her actions before doing anything, and kept trying to talk to Jace so they could work out their issues together, as a couple. And while there was some plausibility to Jace’s fears, I think if he just talked to someone instead of punishing himself and isolating himself from everyone he loved, some of the really bad stuff wouldn’t have happened. Just saying.

We get a lot of focus on Simon and his relationships with Maia, Isabelle as well as learning to cope with life as a vampire. I liked his relationship with the girls as well as Clary, and I'm interested to see where Clare takes it, but I still think there was too much focus on Simon and it distracted from the major plot of the story. My favourite couple so far has to be Alec and Magnus. They’re the odd couple and their scenes together have to be my favourite. If Clare had focused on these two as much as she did Simon, I wouldn’t have minded getting distracted from the plot.

I still really enjoy this series. The characters are (for the most part) likable and developed, especially considering how far they’ve come since City of Bones. The action scenes are really well written, and I love the little bits we’re getting from the Infernal Devices trilogy. I just hope Clare doesn’t lose focus on the major plot of the story in City of Lost Souls.

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