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Friday, 8 May 2015


Book: Awaken, Meg Cabot
Series: Abandon Trilogy #3
Publisher: Point
Release Date: July 2nd 2013

Rating: 2 stars

The Abandon trilogy is extremely mediocre. There is absolutely nothing special about it, except for John Hayden. While I will never get why he fell for Pierce, I did find him very attractive and was the main reason I finished this series.
 I found the first book enjoyable, and the cliff hanger forced me to read Underworld as I had to know what happened.  The cliff hanger for book 2 however, did not make me want to read Awaken really badly. I just needed closure to the series, even though I knew I’d be cringing by whatever Pierce said (as she’s done repeatedly in the last two books).

The story begins in the Underworld with John and Pierce attempting to maintain order as too many new souls arrive to be sorted. When the Furies invade the Underworld, John, Pierce, Alex, and Kayla must head out into another storm that is about to hit Isla Huesos.

My thoughts:
First off, isn’t the cover just gorgeous? Despite the “eh” feeling of this series, the covers for all of them are so beautiful.
This book’s ending was very satisfying, although at times the plot was very scattered and confusing. <spoiler alert> I felt that the “battle” between Pierce and Thanatos was very rushed and then Meg just kind of let it go without much thought. You’d think, considering he’d KILLED JOHN, it’d be a little harder to kill him, or something. But considering the way the rest of the series panned out, I’m not that surprised. </spoiler alert> There were some parts of the book that were just irritating, but furthered the thesis that Meg had planned this book series for a younger teenage audience than me.
<spoiler alert>
Pierce calling Hope’s mate her husband. Seriously? Who does that? I just found it weird and disturbing. 
Pierce continually thinking about wanting to tell John I love you, even during an epic battle against the Furies.
“John's gaze met mine and held it. Around us was chaos — the shrieking of the increasingly agitated birds overhead, coupled with the shrieks of the Furies as they battled...and Kayla's sobs. But there was a stillness within John and myself that, now that we were truly back together, no amount of external mayhem could disturb. I love you. I love you. I love you." Priorities, Pierce? It’s a frickin’ war! Think about your boyfriend when you’ve won! </spoiler alert>

Pierce was, as usual, as annoying as ever. She keeps making very stupid remarks continually throughout the book, for example: "I was missing...something. Not school, of course, since unlike Kayla, I didn’t have a goal outside the realm of the dead towards which I’d been striving."  Right on, Pierce. Support dropping out of school. It’s only very impressionable young teens that read this book (!)
Plus, her thoughts keep returning along the lines of: God, John is hot. Damn, my boyfriend is attractive. Yet of course, she can’t tell him, but doesn’t know why, which made me want to whack her over the head. She was just being so damn… adolescent.
Yes, she has some very funny lines, but unfortunately, these are few and far in between.  Most of the time she was just annoying, and very teenager…ish. I also didn’t get her obsession with having a baby, considering she was only seventeen.

Ah, John.  I think he’ll always be one of my favourite male love interests, despite being created in such a second-rate series. The way he’s so brooding, and hot, and tortured, and just frickin’ attractive! While I don’t get why he fell for Pierce, he’s the main reason I decided to finish this series. It’s really cute the way he cares for Pierce and always tries to protect her.  I have to admit I'll miss him.

Final Thoughts:
Yes, it seems like I focused on all the bad attributes of this book, but it wasn’t all bad. It was still an enjoyable series and I wanted to know what happened despite the irritating characters. I would definitely recommend this to a younger audience, perhaps 13 or 14. But I don’t know any girl that wouldn’t find John Hayden attractive.

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